Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tips for choosing the Right Corset

Choosing the right corset is most important if you want that perfect sassy look you plan to have for your special occasion. Most women fear wearing corsets thinking it is the most uncomfortable outfit for them. But that perception is totally wrong! Corset that is selected according to your body size, and fits you well is more comfortable than a Bra!

Following are some tips you can keep in mind while selecting a corset for yourself

1       You want a Bodice or Corset:
     Most of us don’t know the difference between a Bodice and Corset. Bodice looks similar to corsets but is not true corsets. Bodice is cheaper both in quality and price. Bodice don’t have any kind of boning in them where as real corsets do have Boning in them. Boning is one of the essential part of the corset as it is necessary to stop the corset from folding with your body. You should be able to bend the corset to test its boning. Real Corsets have steel boning. It can either be flat boning or spiral boning. Flimsy, elasticized or plastic boned corsets aren’t proper corsets, they won’t fit you well. The plastic boning will deform soon and conform to your body poking you and making you feel uncomfortable.

Women BodiceWomen Corsets

2.       Good Quality Material:
There are two types of corsets-Fashion Corsets & Traditional (Real) Corsets. Fashion Corsets have no strong fabric underneath. Its most like a bodice rather than a real corset. A real corset will have a strong good quality fabric which can support the structure of corset. This is generally the inner layer corset, the outer visible layer may be of a fashion fabric like Satin, Silk, Brocade or Lace. You should be able to pull off the corset well without ripping it apart.

3.       Lace it Up Strong:

Women Lace Corsets

Corsets should have correct lacing. We see beautiful pictures of Corsets with those lovely Satin ribbon laces, which look great but only in pictures! Lace up Corsets should have something similar to shoe lace as they won’t break easily. You won’t want to break your lace of corset in the middle of a party/event you are attending. A strong lace will tighten your corset well and give that perfect and comfort corset experience.
There is no objection in using those satin ribbon, if you want to, make sure they are strong enough to pull off and not break off.

4.       CAUTION: GO SLOW:

Lace Corsets-Dream Sexy Lingerie

For those who are first timers in wearing a corset. A word of CAUTION: GO SLOW!! Don’t lace it all the way down in one go. You will hurt yourself and corset too. Fasten your corsets, slowly till you feel constricted/restricted. Than give yourself a break (while wearing that corset), this will loosen the corset and allow it to rest well with your body, making it comfortable for your body. Then lace it down a bit or may be to the end. It seems time consuming, but following this will avoid pain, bruises to you and will protect your corset from being ripped off in the first trial.

5.       Practice:
If you are going to wear Corset for the first time, don’t get too excited and wear it for long period in your first corset. Rehearse wearing it at home few days prior to your event, so that your body can get use to wearing the corset. By doing this wearing a corset won’t hurt you or fatigue you.

6.       Size Matters:
Picking up a corset of the right size is very important. Measurement used for a corsets are completely difference from the measurement of normal dresses. Waist measurement of a corset is one important aspect when you have to determine the correct corset size. Always pick a corset that is two to three inches smaller than your waist size. This is because while wearing a corset you won’t be able to completely lace up the corset. A corset should feel tight and there should be no gaps in between lacing. Corsets should be worn tight to give that contoured figure look you desire.

Lace Corsets for WomenPlus Size Women Corsets

7.       Small things but BIG Effects:
a.       East slowly and carefully. If you eat a lot or drink too much aerated drinks before wearing a corset, you won’t feel comfortable wearing your favorite corset. Dress up first and then have a light meal.
b.      If planning to wear a corset make sure you do your hair, makeup and shoes before putting up your corset.
c.       Put on your shoes first because after lacing your corset, you won’t be able to bend to put on your shoes.

Thought it sounds tedious task to choose the right corset, but it surly is worthwhile for every penny.

Friday, 15 June 2012


The first bra has emerged in 1907. These days it is considered as an essential part of the female wardrobe. Many women still do not know how to shop for bras tough. Bra shopping does not really have to be difficult you just have to know what bra go with what kind of cloth. Then even finding bras online can become a pleasure and you do not have to put so much effort into it anymore. Remember that bra does not only covers, supports and elevates the breasts, but also shapes the women’s figure. The degree of which the bra frames the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. It is important to know the types of bras available so that you can pick the right one for the right time so as to protect the general health of your breasts as well. Most of the bras fall into 1 category mentioned below:

                                                                   Adhesive Bra
This kind of bra adheres to the breasts. It has no straps or bands and provides little support to the breasts. It is intended for backless and strapless dresses or tops. There are two types. There is the disposable paper ones that use a strong adhesive and the reusable ones that use silicone that can be washed and reused.

Bridal Bra/Corset

A bridal bra/corset form and shape the upper body into a perfect shape to fit the wedding dress. It also promotes good posture and can be more comfortable as the weight of the breasts is carried by the whole corset rather than the brassiere’s shoulder straps.

                                                                    Convertible Bra

Convertible bra has straps which may be detached and rearranged in different ways depending on the design of women’s outfit. You can use beaded bra straps or clear plastic bra straps.  

                                                                       Cupless Bra

Another type of bra is cupless bra that consists of a brassiere frame with no support cups. They expose the nipples with notched or contoured support cups. The most of the time it is used as an erotic lingerie however recently it is also worn in order to make women’s shape of the nipples to be highly visible on an outer garment.

                                                                      Demi Bra

Fifth bra style on the list is demi bra with wide-set straps and a horizontal bust line. Often seamed or boned, they give great cleavage and a frame-like effect. It allows garments with a low cut to be worn because bra will not be visible. 

Front Closure Bra 

This bra get fasten at the front which makes it easier to fasten but also nonexistence of metal clasps and a stronger band makes greater back support. It is great for wear with tank tops and for lending a no-slip effect to the straps.

Full Support Bra

Next bra type as its name says offers good support for the whole of the breasts. It is practical for everyday.

Maternity Bra

Another bra type Is perfect for these ladies that their breast size increases. It can be expanded to adjust to the breasts size.  

Minimizer Bra

Designed to play down the bust, in particular for women with cups of 34C and bigger. Minimizers, by compressing and shaping the breasts, help to create the illusion of being a cup size or two smaller, and are often more comfortable.

Nursing Bra

Meant for baby feeding women. The design makes easy access to the nipple for baby.  Traditionally, the cups of nursing bras are covered with flaps of fabric that can be unclasped at the top and pulled down to expose the breast.

Padded Bra

Bras with padding inside the lining. They are designed to provide a fuller shape for small breasts and are an alternative to bra stuffing, a practice among teenage girls in which ‘falsies’ like tissues, sugar packets, cotton balls, or socks are placed inside a bra to simulate larger breasts. Unlike push-up bras, however, most padded bras support the breasts but do not significantly lift them.

   Peephole Bras

The type of bra that has cups loosely covering the breasts, which also includes holes around the nipples.

   Push-up Bra

Structured so that the breasts are lifted and placed closer together to enhance the cleavage. The best known brand of push-up bra is the Wonderbra. Many push-up bras contain padding, typically made of foam or rubber, but some contain gel-filled pads. The main distinction between padded bras and push-up bras that incorporate padding is whether the padding is centred under each breast to simply lift them, or is centred outside the centre of each breast such that the padding pushes the breasts inwards.

  Racerback Bra

It has shoulder straps that come over the shouder in a V pattern very close to the neck. This design is sometimes worn under strapless dresses or tops where traditional straps would be very obviously exposed. Many Sport bras use the racerback.

  Shelf Bra

Essentially a rigid band, usually underwires, along the inframammary line that pushes up while covering none, or only a narrow strip, of the breast.

Softcup Bra

Has no underwire support in the cups. Rather they rely on the strength of the underband to provide support to the bust.

 Sport Bra

Provides firm support for the breasts, and are meant to prevent discomfort or embarrassment during vigorous exercise.

Strapless Bra

With no shoulder straps, they are designed for wearing with clothes that reveal the shoulders, such as halterneck tops.

   U-plunge Bra

Allows you to wear clothes that have a deep plunging neckline.

 Underwire Bra

Designed to give extra support and endurance. They have a wire, metal or plastic, running under each cup to provide rigid support to the bust.

Vintage Bra

A type of full support bra with cups in the shape of a paraboloid of revolution with its axis perpendicular to the breast.

Water Bra 

Bras which have water or silicon gel-filled cups to make your breasts look larger.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Robes and Gowns

A robe is a long piece of loose and flowing garment usually categorized under nightwear lingerie. Since the people first started wearing the sleepwear long robes and gowns are being worn. But with growing love for robes and gowns, more fancy designs came into existence. 

Now it’s very easy to find all the sexy and fancy designs of ladies lingerie gowns and robes in plus size as well. So, that all the curvaceous ladies can wear these ohh-so-sexy nightwear’s. 

From sexy to sweet, all kinds of robes and gowns are available, some designs which are very popular among adult women’s for robes and gowns are  silky satin or lace styles, leopard print, chiffon.

Some are length specific as well, from short and sassy to long and lusciously flowing. Wearing robes and gowns with right sexy interim cover-up so that little inventiveness gears to prowl to get the good stuff underneath! Ladies are totally getting what I mean by this, its cheeky but fun. Satin front bodice underwirecups gown and matching is one of the combination that can be a perfect look for the night.

With the  a wide range of colors in robes and gowns, little more fun and naughty element adds, pinks makes you cute, red flirty, black sexy! Every color has its won story and giving ladies a chance to create theirs the very right moment you choose the color. Gowns and robes are one of the comfortable nightwear lingerie. Bridal robe which are specially designed for your special night. White silk robe is very splendid option for brides and yes it’s also good as a gift.

Silk robes can be as an evening gown in hot weather with beautiful colors like green, aqua ad warm red giving all.

Silk robes can be worn during summer and spring seasons. These expensive robes need special care, so that they last long. Many of the online stores provide good discounts on the silk robes and sleepwear robes. One of the must have for sexy women’s lingerie are robes and gowns. Robes and gowns are easily available in stores; there are many stores as well as online stores that provide designer robes. While buying sleepwear robes, at times robe and gown sets are also available. Combine such a stunning piece of lingerie with a sexy pair of stockings and heels, and you are well on your way to feeling confident, sexy and desirable.