Thursday 21 June 2012

Tips for choosing the Right Corset

Choosing the right corset is most important if you want that perfect sassy look you plan to have for your special occasion. Most women fear wearing corsets thinking it is the most uncomfortable outfit for them. But that perception is totally wrong! Corset that is selected according to your body size, and fits you well is more comfortable than a Bra!

Following are some tips you can keep in mind while selecting a corset for yourself

1       You want a Bodice or Corset:
     Most of us don’t know the difference between a Bodice and Corset. Bodice looks similar to corsets but is not true corsets. Bodice is cheaper both in quality and price. Bodice don’t have any kind of boning in them where as real corsets do have Boning in them. Boning is one of the essential part of the corset as it is necessary to stop the corset from folding with your body. You should be able to bend the corset to test its boning. Real Corsets have steel boning. It can either be flat boning or spiral boning. Flimsy, elasticized or plastic boned corsets aren’t proper corsets, they won’t fit you well. The plastic boning will deform soon and conform to your body poking you and making you feel uncomfortable.

Women BodiceWomen Corsets

2.       Good Quality Material:
There are two types of corsets-Fashion Corsets & Traditional (Real) Corsets. Fashion Corsets have no strong fabric underneath. Its most like a bodice rather than a real corset. A real corset will have a strong good quality fabric which can support the structure of corset. This is generally the inner layer corset, the outer visible layer may be of a fashion fabric like Satin, Silk, Brocade or Lace. You should be able to pull off the corset well without ripping it apart.

3.       Lace it Up Strong:

Women Lace Corsets

Corsets should have correct lacing. We see beautiful pictures of Corsets with those lovely Satin ribbon laces, which look great but only in pictures! Lace up Corsets should have something similar to shoe lace as they won’t break easily. You won’t want to break your lace of corset in the middle of a party/event you are attending. A strong lace will tighten your corset well and give that perfect and comfort corset experience.
There is no objection in using those satin ribbon, if you want to, make sure they are strong enough to pull off and not break off.

4.       CAUTION: GO SLOW:

Lace Corsets-Dream Sexy Lingerie

For those who are first timers in wearing a corset. A word of CAUTION: GO SLOW!! Don’t lace it all the way down in one go. You will hurt yourself and corset too. Fasten your corsets, slowly till you feel constricted/restricted. Than give yourself a break (while wearing that corset), this will loosen the corset and allow it to rest well with your body, making it comfortable for your body. Then lace it down a bit or may be to the end. It seems time consuming, but following this will avoid pain, bruises to you and will protect your corset from being ripped off in the first trial.

5.       Practice:
If you are going to wear Corset for the first time, don’t get too excited and wear it for long period in your first corset. Rehearse wearing it at home few days prior to your event, so that your body can get use to wearing the corset. By doing this wearing a corset won’t hurt you or fatigue you.

6.       Size Matters:
Picking up a corset of the right size is very important. Measurement used for a corsets are completely difference from the measurement of normal dresses. Waist measurement of a corset is one important aspect when you have to determine the correct corset size. Always pick a corset that is two to three inches smaller than your waist size. This is because while wearing a corset you won’t be able to completely lace up the corset. A corset should feel tight and there should be no gaps in between lacing. Corsets should be worn tight to give that contoured figure look you desire.

Lace Corsets for WomenPlus Size Women Corsets

7.       Small things but BIG Effects:
a.       East slowly and carefully. If you eat a lot or drink too much aerated drinks before wearing a corset, you won’t feel comfortable wearing your favorite corset. Dress up first and then have a light meal.
b.      If planning to wear a corset make sure you do your hair, makeup and shoes before putting up your corset.
c.       Put on your shoes first because after lacing your corset, you won’t be able to bend to put on your shoes.

Thought it sounds tedious task to choose the right corset, but it surly is worthwhile for every penny.

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