Saturday 29 September 2012

Rhinestone Lingerie

Every girl has the desire to look pretty and sexy in her own distinctive way. Colors and designs keep repeating themselves in some time. In the urge to find something unique to wear, I came across the concept of rhinestone clothing. Some of the styles and designs fascinated me a lot. I thought of sharing the ideas with the ones who might have been looking for something different to wear just as I was.

These dresses with rhinestones will not only make you look pretty but will also make you feel like one. You can pick out your choice out of the following rhinestone wear:

This hot long gown is not only sexy, but will also twinkle your way to royalty. This rhinestone detail corseted long gown and G-String is available in small, medium and large size.

Open Front Halter Mini Dress

Sexy open front halter mini dress embellished with rhinestones that would get all eyes onto you. The rhinestones on this dress would make you shine in the eyes of the viewer.


This is a slinky black mini dress with halter top and rhinestone embellishment that would be just so elegant and graceful for any event or party. Black makes you look beautiful and the rhinestones add to the grace.

Corset with rhinestone and matching G-String in its bright red color with shining rhinestones on it would make you look so pretty and vibrant.

Strapless corset trimmed in rhinestones with front busk closure, lace-up back for cinching and a matching thong would be just so ideal for that special day of your life. This bridal corset would make you look like what you have always wanted to.


This strapless corset with rhinestone accents, front busk closure, lace-up back and matching thong is available in various sizes. Its color and design make it stand out from the rest.

Bikini set with rhinestone detail is available in small/medium and medium/large sizes. Its unique design with rhinestones embedded on it makes it so irresistible and so would you be when you wear this bikini set.

Crotchless Beautiful Rhinestone Front G String Feja comes in a small gift bag or boxed. It is ideal for self use or to gift it to a close friend. The gift would surely be much appreciated by the receiver.

 Sexy G String Panties Luana from Titlion has rhinestone jewelry detail in front with rhodium plating, 2 white acrylic stones and a bow in the back, stretch waistband and comes boxed or in a small gift bag.

You'll be ready for an enchanting evening with this Rhinestone bra. It has a design that is not commonly available everywhere. You can get this if you wish to get something different.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends is the need of the hour. Rhinestones are in fashion these days. They are becoming a part of various kinds of outfits and lingerie is one of them. Clothes with rhinestones add grace to the personality of the person wearing them. Girls have many choices to match their taste. They can even prove to be a great gift if you are looking for one.

So do not wait too much. Go shine your way with the rhinestone lingerie!

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