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Tips for Men to Choose Lingerie for Women

If you are planning to gift your girl with lingerie then you are sure too close to her to get into these lines. The duration of relationship does not really matter while choosing a gift. A great gift would strengthen a new relationship and sustain a long lasting one.

Girls find it difficult to select the best lingerie for them and it is even more difficult for men to do it for them. Taking one wrong step in making the choice can make you pick the wrong lingerie gift and would ultimately ruin your effort and surprise. You need to get hands on with some fashion ideas for women even while selecting lingerie. So you must ensure that the following points are thought over well before you make the final purchase:

1. Know what she wants

In the time spent with her, you must try to find out what is it that she likes or wants. This would be a great help in your search. You might want to take a hint from what she already wears or by peeping in her drawers or closet for clues if you do not want to ask her directly and wish to keep it as a secret. Though asking her directly would make the selection process a lot easier, but you might want to go the other way around.

2. You get what you pay for

It is true that the higher the price you pay the better lingerie you get. The design and material go better with the higher price. If you want the gift to be the best one, then you should get ready to pay a little extra. This would only be beneficial for you as there would be no doubt about the choice you have made while selecting the lingerie for which you have paid a little more. It would avoid getting in for cheap material and messy looking lingerie. The look and feel of the outfit would not be compromised with.

3. Usage Ratio

As a matter of fact, girls tend to wear their underwear once and then get a fresh one for use for the next time, while the bra is used a couple of times before being washed. So you can opt for buying 2-3 underwear for each bra and make it a set. This would show your thoughtfulness and care. She would appreciate your efforts you have invested in picking out the gift to suit her needs.


4. Ask the experts

If you are unsure of what to select for your present, you might want to take assistance of an expert in the store where you are planning to buy it. They usually have dealt with many guys in similar situations. This can prove to be another source of help for you. All you need to do is tell them your needs and they would give you the best of ideas to assist you with the gift. Also make sure you get it gift wrapped to enhance the effects of the presenting the gift.

5. Correct Size - go smaller, never bigger

In order to get the maximum effect of the gift, the lingerie you buy for her must be of the correct size. There are three things you need to know to get the right size. A number and letter for the bra, that is, the number is her size around the waist and the letter denotes the cup size. The third number would be the butt size for the underwear. You can peek into the tags on her lingerie to know the size if you do not wish to ask her directly. If you are still unsure, go for a smaller size as it would please your girl. Getting her a larger size might annoy her. Else, you can play safe by getting her a piece that does not require precise sizing like a baby doll.

6. Based on her personality

If you choose something in accordance with the personality of your girl, you can be very sure that the gift would be much appreciated. The gift could vary depending upon whether she is a girly girl, an alternative type or is dark and mysterious. If you know a particular store she chooses to buy from, you would be able to find things that match her taste and personality from the same one. You can go to a high-end store as the stuff they have would surely get you what you are looking for.

7. Color

You can try and find out what color lingerie would your girl love to wear. She might have mentioned it sometime that she is willing to buy some specific color lately. This information can prove to be handy while picking out the gift for her. This would not only give her the favorite color, but would also make her realize that all her wishes are being taken care of. If she never mentioned any color, then you can look up her existing lingerie to find a color that is repeated the most to show that it must be her favorite. If nothing of these works, then going for a color by her personality would be the best alternative.

8. Type


Before you choose lingerie, you must know about the various types of lingerie that are available and the details about them. There are camisoles, boy shorts, corsets, bustier and baby doll for example. Based on the figure, likings and personality of the girl, you can select what type of lingerie would be an ideal gift for her. You can find out about how each one of them looks likes from the site from where you intend to buy the lingerie from.

9. Style

Each type of lingerie comes in different styles, so pick up the one that she would like the most. You can opt out of peek-a-boo, see through, low cut, tight fitting, etc. Remember it should be something different than the usual. She can buy the usual stuff herself, but if it is a gift, it has to be something good and different than the rest. Ultimately, it is not you who has to wear it, her choice matters a lot.

10. Embellishments

Lingerie these days come with various embellishments. You get lingerie with lace, ribbons, rhinestones and other embellishments. There is a wide range of lingerie available with these add-ons. Make sure that whatever you buy should look great. Don’t just buy for the sake of buying. Also make sure that she is fond of such embellishments. If you are not sure about her likings here, then go for the one that has minimal embellishments.

11. Textures and Materials

Not all girls go with the satin, lace or brocade lingerie, some like other material such as cotton, leather, or vinyl. If you know what she likes, then you must get her the same. There is no use of getting her something that she would not be comfortable wearing. She would either say it outright to you or would never wear the lingerie. It would stay in her closet forever. Thus, it is advisable to get her something that is useful and comfortable.

12. Trendy

Girls always want to stay updated and wear clothes that make them look trendy. Buy her something that she would be glad to wear outside. You can find stylish underwear for women, which you can look for on online stores and same goes with the bra. If you get her the usual stuff, you would not find her wearing it anywhere but while she is with you. A trendy lingerie gift is something she would love to flaunt with in front of her friends. You would give her a reason to show off in front of her friends and that would make her extremely happy.

13. Budget

If you are not ready to spend too much on the gift, then you can go lingerie accessories or stockings. They would be well in budget, useful for your girl and would make a perfect gift as well. You can choose the type, style and design out of the various that are available at stores and which you are sure that she would like. You can gift her accessories and make her wear them exclusively for you.

14.   Keep the Receipt

You can never be sure that out of the various details that you had to choose, all of them would fit in. The size, color, material or design either of them could go the wrong. Saving the receipt would come in assistance if at all the gift needs replacement. This one is pretty obvious but a note of caution is always better.

There are a few things that you must keep in your mind when you are out selecting that perfect gift for your girl:

  • Do not get a tiny thong if your girl is big. This would annoy her.
  • Checking out the negligees would be a great idea too. They are usually liked by all girls.
  • Lingerie with cheeky slogans printed on them is something that must be avoided out rightly.
  • Lingerie with bells and ornaments is something that cannot be worn on daily basis. So avoid buying such stuff for her.
  • Check out for sites that give you handsome discounts on your purchase.
  • Avoid picking out lingerie that says for control or reducing. She would never like to be told that she needs to shed a few extra pounds.
  • If these points are taken care of and the selection been made out of the characteristics that your girl would like, it would prove to be the best gift any man could gift to her girl.

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