Wednesday, 29 October 2014

DIY Halloween Corset Costume Ideas

Just few days to Halloween and you still don’t know what to wear? Dont panic! When in time crunch the best solution is bring in the use of Accessories and what is available to you. Today ill share with you few ideas for Halloween Costumes that can be ready with in no time. With little creativity you can make any costume.
Below are few Costume ideas using Corsets. Wondering why Corsets? Well dressing up in costume does not mean you give up on looking sexy and what defines sexiness? Yes curves and to inhance your curves Corsets are the solution. They give you the desired shape and defines your curves.

1)      Super hero Costume

Very famous Wonder women costume can be made using Corset and few accessories.  Wear a red corset with Blue jeans and tie a golden ribbon on head. If blue cape is available then add that you make it more authenticated .

2)      Animal Costume

Animal print corset are very common sexy part of your wardrobe. Wear the animal print corset with a black skirt or leather pants. Add some animal ears and tail to your look.

If you have a sequin or Blingged or a leather corset then wear it with a nice skirt. For this look makeup is really important. Wear a loud eye wear make up with bright lipstick. Carry a microphone or put a crazy colored wig.

4)      Mermaid Costume

Another costume that can be made using sequin or blingged up corset is a mermaid costume. For this pair your corset with a long skirt. Add a long slit to your skirt. Add some sea shell accents on skirt or corset. Use seashell hair accessories and other neck pieces.

5)      Witch Costume

Very easy and popular costume for Halloween is the Witch Costume. Easy to make, just wear any soild color Corset and wear a tutu skirt or jeans. Add a cap and hat to your look. Prefer dark colors for this look. You can even put on scary makeup.

6)      Angel Costume

Wear a nice beautiful white corset with a white skirt and add a wings and halo head piece. A nice soft curls and light make up.

Accessories are last minute saviour. Mix and match what you have with accessories and you can come up with your own look.


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